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"I live another hemisphere away, and depend on Anne to be my family surrogate and advocate for Mom. Anne's presence and connection with her physicians gives us peace of mind. She keeps us in the loop, and makes long-distance care-giving happen. It's priceless."

Robert S.

"My husband and I cannot thank you enough for all your help with regards to the many problems we encountered when trying to find proper placement for my elderly sister-in-law. Your extensive knowledge and background combined with your patience and persistence eased our many concerns.

Prior to meeting you, we had tried unsuccessfully for many months to find suitable care and placement for Lee, only to find ourselves repeatedly extremely frustrated. You listened to our story, reviewed our case and took charge. We're very pleased to say that because of your hard work and knowledge, she is now in a place where she is extremely happy and well cared for. the peace of mind that we have now is priceless.!”

Marie S.

" Anne Pagano is one of the finest people I know. A few years ago, an 85 year old man I loved very much was in a difficult situation. His health declined precipitously after a stroke and he could no longer care for himself. I desperately needed help. Luckily Anne entered the picture. Not only was she competent, but she was caring. She was also brilliant at navigating the labyrinthine maze of the healthcare system. Hiring Anne was the best investment I made. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


"I cannot begin to thank you enough for your amazing help you so willingly gave to me for my mother's care. When I was out of options and money for her much needed 24 hour home care and going in circles to get her approved through Medicaid and Putnam County DSS, you stepped in and saved the day for us. You were kind and patient when I broke down in tears with all the frustrations and brick walls I was hitting and the hope I was running out of.

You immediately made phone calls and got people moving in our direction for the help we so desperately needed. You were our angel and I thank you every day.

Mom now has full 24 hour care with a kind, caring aide who has become an important member of our family. Thanks to your help, our family can breathe again and enjoy whatever time we have left with my mother. She will celebrate her 96th birthday next year.

I wish you only the best in all you do and I know that many other families will benefit from your generous and helpful nature."

Elaine M. and Mother Margaret W.

"Dear Anne, Thank you for the support you provided to my mother. As an overwhelmed caregiver for my father with dementia, she was wasting away and not taking care of herself. You helped her gain strength and support - so not only is she a better caregiver for my father - I feel I have my mother back"

George. DeF.